12.4 tons of packaging materials were recycled at the 37th Authentic Marathon

For the 11th consecutive year, Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO) participated in the Athens Authentic Marathon, demonstrating its devotion to promoting recycling, and contributed to giving this year’s event a strong environmental identity.

On both days of the Authentic Marathon, on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November, HERRCO undertook to collect and recover the recyclable materials used by the runners and the viewers.

Overall, HERRCO collected more than 12 tons of recyclable packaging material mostly made of paper and PET plastic. At the same time, it provided the organization with 50 1,100lt bins installed at the athletes' refreshment stations and with 1,000 plastic bags for the disposal of the PET bottles.

The presence of HERRCO at the 37th Authentic Marathon and the large amount of recyclable packaging materials it collected, send the message that packaging recycling using the Blue Bins is a simple yet important habit that has become part of our everyday life.