Results of Activities

From the start of its operation as a Recycling System until present, the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation has, on the basis of the legal obligation for contracted quantities, implemented the total of the approved packaging recycling activities so that it can achieve the objectives set based on the best cost.


Coverage of the country’s population with recycling projects.


Municipalities participate in the Packaging Recycling System.


Active blue bins & 10,400 blue bells are installed in the neighbourhoods of the Municipalities.


Special vehicles for the collection of recyclable materials have been given to Municipalities.


Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) operate throughout the country.


Tons of materials were forwarded for recycling from all the HERRCO’s activities in 2021.

366 m.

Funds spent on investments (e.g., bins, vehicles, Recovery Facilities) and the System’s operating costs (2003 to date)


Τhe contracted companies with HERRCO at the end of 2021

2009 – 2021 at a glance

Residents served (cumulative totals, millions) (1)
Percentage of population coverage (%)74%79%79%82%87%87%92%94%95%96%96%96%96%
MRFs (cumulative totals)       22282728293032323335343332
Bins delivered (cumulative totals, thousands)(2)98111126138153164187206221233241254258
Collection vehicles delivered (cumulative totals)327359370387406430473493505519524529537

(1) This includes the cooperating OTAs or municipal waste management entities. The population of 2012 – 2015 is based on the ELSTAT census of 2011 (while populations of 2009 – 2011 are based on ELSTAT 2001).
(2) The stocktaking of the bins shows that the current network comprises of around 140 thousand active Blue Bins.