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In Greece, the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO) Waste Recycling System, which is licensed by the Hellenic Recycling Agency (HRA), operates with its primary, but not the only, collection method being the blue bins and the blue bells, an endeavour that started in 2003.


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HERRCO organized the EXPRA Balkan Workshop

The meeting of the Extended Producer Responsibility Systems for the Packaging Recycling from 7 Balkan countries (Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Cyprus) was successfully completed, with the participation of representatives from the Italian and Belgian Systems with theme "Packaging Recycling: The Cornerstone of Balkans' Society Future Sustainability".

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HERRCO: IRONMAN® 70.3® Vouliagmeni becomes the starting point for the Recycling race

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HERRCO: Successfully completed its presence at the 87th TIF

Blue Bins & Bells Per Region

Discover the results of HERRCO's activities per Region.

Recycling Innovates

The results of our endeavours could not have been achieved without the business community, the Central Union of Greek Municipalities, the Local Administration, our partners, our employees, but especially the millions of citizens that have welcomed recycling into their daily lives. For this reason, in addition to the blue-bin projects, HERRCO is also developing special, flexible projects to better serve citizens.

Pilot Projects

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Glass Packaging Stream

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Annual Reports

Nowadays, recycling is one of the key prerequisites for the protection of the environment throughout the world. This modern era requires every country and every citizen to support and to assist the global effort of a circular and sustainable economy, by making recycling a part of everyday life.

Annual Results 2022

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Annual Results 2021

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Annual Results 2020

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