Legal Framework

In August 2001, Law 2939/01 on “Packaging and Alternative Management of Packaging and Other Products” was passed, which essentially makes alternative packaging management mandatory in Greece and harmonizes our national legislation with the relevant European Union legislation and in particular with European Directive 94/62. In 2004, the new Community Directive (04/12) was issued revising the goals set by 94/62. The new goals were harmonized with the national legal framework by way of JMD No. 9268/469.

“All companies operating in our country and producing or importing packaged products, which are then placed on the domestic market, must collect and recycle their products’ packaging, i.e., must organize alternative management systems.

At the same time, Local Authorities (OTAs) are also legally obligated to ensure the recycling of the municipal packaging waste. The Law provides for the basic principles of cooperation between OTAs and the responsible packaging producers.