Packaging Recycling through the Blue Bins…
and nothing goes to waste!


Recycling, nowadays, should be an important priority for the protection of the environment;
it should not be a passing trend of our times, but on the contrary,
an everyday process necessary for our future.

Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation

Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation S.A. (HERRCO) was founded in December of 2001 by industrial and commercial businesses which, either provide the Greek market with packaged products or manufacture various kinds of packaging. It is responsible for the well-known by now “System of the Blue Bins”.

    Local Authorities
    with blue bins

        Glass Packaging Stream

        As significant quantities of glass bottles are accruing from specific business venues, HE.R.R.Co has established since 2013 a separate stream for glass recycling. The basic means for separate glass collection is the Blue Bell. The Blue Bells serve the needs of major producers and business venues such as entertainment halls, bars, cafeterias, restaurants, hotel complexes etc, where large quantities of products in glass packaging are being consumed, which would otherwise end up as common waste. HE.R.R.Co provides the businesses with the required collection equipment (multiple use bags or wheeled bins), while it realizes regular and recurring visits to raise awareness and inform them about their participation in the program. Collection and transport of the material are realized by HE.R.R.Co in accordance with the procedures approved by the competent authorities. The material is eventually taken for processing and recycling to producers both within and outside Greece.

        Today, more than 8.600 Blue Bells are placed in private and public places – in collaboration with 243 municipalities – serving the needs of about 20.000 businesses in the field of dining and entertainment.

        You may find more information about the Glass Packaging Stream at the official web site: Herrco Glass


         Recycling Video

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