The Corporation – European Collaborations

HERRCO is a member of EXPRA (Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance), the European collective organization which incorporates the national Packaging Recycling Systems established by the legally bound packaging administrators and operating on a non-profit basis. Participation in EXPRA offers know-how on optimal packaging waste recovery, as well as the opportunity to negotiate on common issues faced by the Recycling Systems within the European Union.

PRO-EUROPE (Packaging Recovery Organization Europe), is the European collective organization handling the pan-European recycling label, known as the Green Dot. The Green Dot – which is by now on most product packaging available in the Greek market – clearly states that the specific piece of packaging has financially contributed to CAMS – RECYCLING.
Having signed an exclusive license agreement with PRO-EUROPE for the use of the Green Dot in Greece, HERRCO is responsible for granting the usage rights to the affiliated companies of the System.

Ηerrco is a member of ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) the International Solid Waste Association – is a global, independent and non-profit making association, working in the public interest and is the only worldwide association promoting sustainable, comprehensive and professional waste management.
ISWA is open to individuals and organizations from the scientific community, public institutions and public and private companies from all over the world working in the field or interested in waste management. ISWA is the only worldwide waste association, which allows you to net-work with professionals, companies and institutional representatives. ISWA has members in more than 90 countries, thereof National Member Organizations in 40 countries. Also, it has more than 1,400 members worldwide and additionally some 100,000 members associated with our National Member Organizations.