5 moves for proper packaging recycling

We separate
packaging materials from all other household waste on a daily basis.

We empty
packaging completely from all residue.

We fold
cardboard boxes.

We dispose
of packaging loose in the bins , and not tied-up in bags.

We NEVER throw common waste
into the Blue Bins of packaging recycling.

and of course… we transmit the recycling message to our friends and acquaintances.

The stages of the Recycling Process

Sorting at source

Α. After collecting their used packaging separately in their household, citizens are asked to dispose of it in the Blue Bin of their neighborhood.

Β. The Blue Bin serves for the recycling of any sort of packaging material (plastic, glass, paper-cardboard, aluminum, tinplate), thus making the process of recycling simpler for inhabitants and the placement of bins in public areas more functional.


The packaging materials accumulated in the Blue Bins are collected on a regular basis by the specialized vehicles that HERRCO has provided the municipalities with and are then transferred to the Recycling Sorting Centers (RSCs).

Sorting at the RSCs

Using specialized electromechanical equipment along with careful hand sorting, the packaging materials arriving at the RSCs are separated in: paper-cardboard packaging, liquid cartons, print paper, several plastic packaging materials (PET, HDPE ect.), plastic film, glass bottles and containers, aluminum and tinplate packaging.

Transfer for recovery

Following their sorting, packaging materials are compressed, baled or/and placed in special cases (glass and tinplate) to be dispatched to respective industries for the development of new products.

What becomes of recyclable packaging?


carton box


new bottle

Aluminum packaging

new aluminum tin

Tinplate packaging

new tins or steel products


bags, barrels, bottles, thread for fleece cloth etc.