The Corporation – Objective

As specified by its corporate statute and the terms of operation of CAMS – RECYCLING, the public scope of HERRCO involves:

  • the fulfillment of the legal obligation of its affiliated companies in relation to the disposal of their economic funds necessary for the recycling of their packaging waste,
  • the optimal utilization of the funds available for the benefit of recycling,
  • the accomplishment of recycling from the maximum possible packaging quantities, in accordance to the legally set National and European Targets.

National Targets

The Collective Alternative Management System (CAMS – RECYCLING) intends to contribute significantly to the achievement of the national targets set for packaging recycling, as outlined in the Joint Ministerial Decision 9268/469/2007. More specifically the national targets are as follows:

60% (by weight) recovery of the total of packaging waste, out of which

• at least 55% (by weight) recycling

In particular, the following percentages of recycling are anticipated per material:
(by weight) glass60%
(by weight) paper and cardboard60%
(by weight) metals50%
(by weight) plastics22.5%
(by weight) wood15%