The Corporation – Legal Framework

In August 2001, Law 2939/01 on “Packaging and the Alternative Management of Packaging and Other Products” was passed. The said law lays down the obligation for the alternative management of packaging in our country and harmonizes our national legislation with the related European Union legislation and in particular with European Directive 94/62/EC. At this point, we should note that in 2004 a new Community Directive was issued amending the goals set by Directive 94/62/EC. The new goals were incorporated into the national legal framework by means of a Joint Ministerial Decision 9268/469.

Specifically, all enterprises operating in our country and producing or importing packaged products, which are in turn supplied to the domestic market, are now obliged to collect and recycle the packaging of their products.

At the same time the local Municipalities are legally obligated to see to the alternative management of municipal packaging waste. The Law thus lays down the basic principles of cooperation between the Municipalites and the packaging fillers and importers.