Which packages we recycle

In BLUE BINS we dispose of all  PACKAGING ITEMS,namely: aluminium, tinplate, plastic, glass and paper.

  • Aluminium Packaging, e.g. soft drink cans, beer cans, etc.
  • Tinplate Packaging, e.g. used for evaporated milk, tuna, animal feed, concentrated tomato juice, etc.
  • Plastic Packaging, e.g. water bottles and containers, soft drinks, yogurt, butter, oil, detergents, cleaning materials, shampoos, shower gels, films, tooth paste, deodorants, plastic carrier bags, etc.
  • Glass Packaging, e.g. bottles and jars, juices, soft drinks, alcohol beverages, food etc.
  • Paper Packaging & Cartons,  e.g. from electric devices, milk, juice, cereals, pizza, biscuits, sugar, detergents, paper carrier bags, etc.

See a detailed list of what we throw and what not in the Blue Bin